Orchard Rd Conserved State Property Up For Tender

A shophouse near the renowned MacDonald House along Orchard Rd has been put up for tender by the Singapore Land Authority (SLA). It is a conserved state property that was gazette in Nov 2000 because of its “rich and diverse architectural style from ornate and decorative classical features to simple art deco style”, according to SLA as reported in a published article on the Channel News Asia website.


In a press statement that they released on the 2 May, the SLA announced that the tender process will be based on evaluation format whereby 50% of the score will determine the bid price and another 50% to be on the concept quality.

According to Dr Sing Tien Foo, associate professor at the National University of Singapore’s School of Design and Environment, this format will aid in encouraging entrepreneurship as companies that submit more interesting ideas and concepts for use of the property will have a higher chance of winning the bid without having to fork out a large sum of money for rent.


While the property can be transformed into office units, indoor sports hub, beauty and spa, commercial school or a medical centre, according to tender documents, it cannot, however, be turned into a F&B outlet or retail shops. This is because there are already numerous food and beverage and retail outlets nearby as the shophouse is located along the stretch of Orchard Rd between Plaza Singapore and The Cathay, both large shopping malls that see large numbers of visitors every day.

The key executive officer of International Property Advisor, Mr Ku Swee Yong, advised that the property could be turned into an educational hub or association headquarter so that it “can also be an extension of the school cluster” alongside Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore Management University and School of the Arts Singapore, all of which are located nearby.


Dr Sing shared that if the proposed plan for this Orchard Rd conserved state property goes well, it could pave the way for more conserved state property undergoing similar tenders.