Orange Tee Joins With Edmund Tie & Company

Following the joint venture between DWG and PropNex in June, the industry sees yet another shake-up with the news that Orange Tee is set to merge with Edmund Tie & Company. The new venture is called OrangeTee & Tie (JV) and will be the 3rd– largest real estate agency in Singapore.

Orange Tee currently boosts a total of 2,938 agents while Edmund Tie & Company has 1,122 agents signed under them. Once the merger is finalized on September 1, the newly-formed OrangeTee & Tie will have a total of 4,060 property agents and the company will be fully functional on 1 January 2018.

Edmund Tie & Company is a property consultant with ample experience in project marketing. Orange Tee is known as a real estate enterprise that places an emphasis on harnessing technology in order to keep up with digitization and the entry of competitors to the industry. The joint venture will allow agents full access to both companies’ resources, such as in-depth research and advanced tech tools.