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Highest Demand For BTO Units in Bidadari and Geylang

Build-To-Order (BTO) flats in the mature estates of Bidadari and Geylang are in high demand, as seen in numbers recorded last evening (24 May) as the latest sales exercise by the Housing Development Board (HDB) closed at midnight.

For the 4-room units at Dakota Breeze project in Geylang and 5-room units at Woodleigh Hill in Bidadari, each project had an average of 5 applicants per unit; a total of 3,100 expectant buyers submitted their applications for Dakota Breeze and 1,700 applicants did the same for the Bidadari project.

As for the other BTO projects launched in the same sales exercise located in the Northern areas of Yishun and Woodlands, the highest number of applications came in for 5-room units in Yishun. However, the number was dismal as compared to that for the Bidadari and Geylang developments as there were only 136 applicants, making it an average of 1.4 applications per unit.

This came despite the huge difference in prices between the BTO projects in the North and in the mature estates as for the same 2-room flexi units in Yishun that comes with a $77,000 price tag, those in Bidadari will cost $169,000 and $179,000 in Geylang.

There were a total of 11,183 applications submitted for the 4,802 BTO flats launched in this HDB sales exercise and there were an average of 2.7 applicants per unit.

The sales exercise started on 18 May and closed last night (24 May) at midnight.


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