Your Comprehensive Showflat Guide: Things To Take Note Of When You Are At The Showflat

Sales of new private homes have seen a surge in the first half of this year and this increase is expected to continue as the property market picks up. What does this mean for potential home buyers who are planning to visit showflats in the coming months?

Visitors should expect to be met with busy showflats where on-duty marketing agents may have limited time to attend to your questions and queries. It will be best to be prepared with your own research notes and relevant questions regarding the project to ask the agents in order to maximize what time that you have with them. Find out what sort of information you should do research on before you hit the showflats by reading ourBe Prepared! Tips to Take Note of Before Heading into That Showflat” Part 1 & 2.

This guide takes you through the commonly overlooked mistakes many home buyers make when visiting showflats. Oftentimes, visitors are so drawn in by the luxurious décor of the rooms that they forget that what you see is NOT what you get. While the size of the showflat is equivalent to the actual size of the unit, the layout and the shape of the rooms may not be replicated exactly the same way. What are some of the more important things to take note of when on your showflat tour? Let us start with the first:

Orientate yourself.

Familiarise yourself with the showflat environment and make sure that you have a copy of the floor plan in your hands at all times.

Before heading into the individual rooms of the showflat for a closer look, examine the model of the development and take note of the facing and direction of the respective units – which rooms will face the evening/morning sun? Is the unit in the direction of a busy road? Will any windows open directly to another unit?

Next, during the course of viewing the showflat unit, it is important to:

Adjust your perception.

It is the time to prick up your Sherlock-style level of observation and look out for marked walls, false ceilings and room doors. Well, it may be more like the lack of room doors; developers often have doors removed from showflats for easy movement from room to room and to give visitors a sense of there being more space in the development. Of course, this is one crucial factor to take note of as when you move into an actual unit, there will be doors that will take up space and it is important to note where the door will swing as well – will it eat into space in the hallway or the room itself?

Showflats are made to market the project and therefore everything that is built there has been done in order to make the development more appealing to potential buyers. Keep this is mind and watch out for marked walls that have been removed in the showflat (that will be KEPT in the actual unit) and walls that have been erected to show off a particular element in the showflat and which will NOT be in the actual unit.

To give off the illusion of a more spacious room, developers usually have the showflat fitted with a higher ceiling and this is will definitely not be such in the actual unit, unless you are buying the more expensive penthouse unit.

As you move through the showflat, be aware of the directions – as you stand at the foot of the bed in the bedroom, are the windows of the room facing the North, South, East or West? What type of sunlight can you expect streaming into the bedroom of that particular unit?

Watch out for placements of mirrors littered all over the showflat unit. Mirrors will give out the illusion of more space and the living room can actually be given a facelift and feel like it’s double the size simply with a strategically-placed mirror.

Another thing to take note of as you inspect the showflat unit:

Know the difference.

What type of finishings will the developer be using for the actual units of the project? Know the difference between compressed or natural marble and homogenous tiles for the floor. Take a good look at the finishing for the showflat – if the finishing for the showflat is badly done, then the chances that that for the actual unit will be lousy as well.

Have you done your homework?

Before you head to the showflat, do relevant research on the prices of the nearby developments (preferably new launches) so that you can compare prices and ensure that you are not paying more for your unit.


Buying your dream home is a monumental decision and everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck with a unit that is within their budget and as close to what they were looking for as possible. A showflat is essentially a preview of what potential buyers can expect to get from the development and it is important to make full use of the opportunity to thoroughly peruse the unit before making a purchase. Are you ready to hit the showflats this August? With our guides, you can be sure that you are on the right track.